GoogleTV Activation Support

  How to Install to GoogleTV Devices.
Please follow these easy steps to start watching GwoupTV Network on GoogleTV!

Recommended GoogleTV devices: Logitech Revue, NeoTV Prime, LG GoogleTV, ASUS Cube,
Sony NSZ-GS7, Vizio Co-Star VAP430, HISENSE GX1200V. Buy GoogleTV

Download at Google Play Store

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your GoogleTV
2. Find the Search field and type "GwoupTV Network".

3. Click on the found result.
4. Move to the Install button and click on it.

5. Click on the Accept & Download to continue installation process.
6. GwoupTV Network will be downloaded and Installed.

7. Go all the way back to your App drawer,
find the GwoupTV Network icon and open.
8. You will be asked to enter your GwoupTV Network account.
Feel free to check the "Remember Me" check box and
click the Login button.

9. Now sit back, relax and choose your favorite
GwoupTV Network channels and programs.
10. Enjoy Watching with DVR feature
and never miss any problem!!!

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